U.S. Group Exhibits/ Pavilions

Our North American Pavilion program provides you with a cost-effective turnkey exhibiting option. Additional advantages are prime location and professional appearance with high-end design.

Booth elements based on 12 square meters:

  • Exterior walls

  • Wall-to-wall carpeting

  • 3 chairs / 1 table

  • Structural ceiling

  • 1 information counter

  • 1 shelf

  • 4 Overhead spotlights

  • 1 power strip (220v/50Hz), 1 outlets

  • Backlit company header

  • 1 wastepaper basket


  • Show directory listing
  • North American Exhibitors’ Directory listing, including company profile
  • Pre-show and on-site advertising of the North American Pavilion
  • Extensive pre-show press work


  • Hosted Exhibitor lounge with snacks and refreshments
  • Daily stand cleaning
  • Access to Internet and phone services in the lounge
  • On-site support staff
  • Access to Interpreters
  • Assistance of the US Commercial Service representative
  • Assistance with the Exhibitor passes

The following events offer North American group exhibits. Please click on the show logo to obtain additional and contact information.

List of events by industry segment

Digital Media and Entertainment

Food and Food Technology

Furniture, Interiors and Design Furniture

Health & Dental

Leisure time and Family


Tools and Technology