Anuga Exhibitor Registration

ATTENTION – Specific Group Information:

  • GA, SFA OTA: These groups are entitled to 1 free pass each.
  • SUSTA is entitled to 2 free passes each.
  • All other groups members received the general allotment per both sizes.

Please use this registration system to provide the names exactly as you want them to appear on the name badges. A certain number of Exhibitor entrance passes are included in each Turnkey/Pavilion Exhibitor participation category as noted below.

Booth entrance passes & name badges will be handed out during set up onsite upon your arrival.

Where booths are being shared by more than one organization, one organization will serve as coordinator for the overall participation. Turnkey exhibitor name badges are issued to registered Exhibitor representatives only.

Companies exhibiting in the USA Pavilion and Turnkey exhibit are entitled to:
– 3 entrance passes for up to 20m²
– 1 entrance passes for each additional 10m² (or part thereof) up to 100m2

Exhibitors may purchase additional ENTRANCE passes above their allotment for $110.00 USD.